The history of St. Patrick's day:  As legend goes, St. Paddy was an Irish man who rid Ireland of poisonous snakes. He was a historic figure who united his homeland by allowing pagan and Christian to come together in unity by teaching the trinity using a shamrock. Thus allowing the color green to become a  symbol in remembrance in Irish national Catholicism. 

Hidden biblical factoid: The Ancient Celts is where the ancient druids come from. The druids were a mystical and magical people of sacred religious hidden practices. Not much is known about them because their religion was so sacred that it could not be written down for fear of the arts getting into the wrong hands. Roman historical documents record dealings with the druids who were cannibalistic in nature and among the druids were giants as the giants also warred against the Romans. Many Celtic people were gigantic in stature and were formidable as any Roman would know. As it turns out the Roman emperor Maximinus (235 A.D.) was a giant as he wrestled 16 Romans at one time.

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